Advertising Week DC Sees a Continuing Industry Shift

By: Evan Levent [MDB Art Director]

It’s advertising week again in the Nation’s Capital, and the theme I’m picking up is the ever-bigger growth of digital. While a great creative idea that connects to an audience is still the end zone, the rules of the game are continuing to change.

For some background, here are some advertising trends from PEW’s State of the Media report []. In 2011, a huge marker was crossed when digital ad buys outpaced newspaper ads, a trend that will continue. Last year, digital advertising increased by 17% to a total of $37.3 billion. Digital now makes up over 23% of the total U.S. advertising landscape and, in 2012, mobile ad buys grew by 80%. By 2016, eMarketer projects mobile will account for 21% of total digital ads.

What does this mean for advertisers? Firms need to continue to have a greater understanding of the digital landscape and how to use it. On Oct. 1, a great panel on Native Advertising discussed what may be some of the most important developments in digital advertising. Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic; John Walls, vice president, public affairs at CTIA-The Wireless Association; and Patrick Keane, president at Sharethrough talked about the right kind of advertising for the right medium.  They told a story of the first advertisement ever broadcast on television. In 1941, during a Yankees game break, Bulova played an 11-second spot of an image of a wobbly U.S. map with a Bulova watch superimposed over top. There are about six seconds of awkward pause before you hear a voice over, “America runs on Bulova time.” It was clumsy, out of place, and better formatted for radio or newsprint.

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Advertising Week DC Begins

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#ADWKDC kicked off over the weekend at the #CREATE event for young advertising professionals. Jodie Warren [DC Lottery Account Director] and Gretchen Carswell [Senior Art Director] volunteered their time to work with the participants. Check back on for updates all week.


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