Color for Business and Life

By: Landon Seely [Account Services]

I want to pause for an instant and celebrate the little victories; the small things that are often overlooked, but would be greatly missed should they suddenly disappear. Today, let’s take a moment to consider the Pantone Matching System.

I’ll begin with a personal story. One morning earlier this year, I offered to grab some coffee for some of the caffeine addicts in the office. The orders began pretty basic - skinny vanilla latte, decaf coffee, black,  hazelnut with room for cream and sugar - nothing I couldn’t handle.

Then I made my way to a certain account executive who shall remain nameless. She apologized before giving me her order as she simultaneously reached for a book full of color swatches. Uh oh. What was this? She flipped through a couple of pages before landing on a light shade of brown. “There. This one. That’s how I want my coffee to look after cream is added.” After ripping out the color swatch, she handed it to me and I was on my way. 

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MDB Takes Home 7 ADDYs and "Best of Print"

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Destination DC The Spy Museum DC Lottery Corcoran



MDB Campaign suggests “Wishes really do come true”

[MDB Communications]

A summer night. A grassy knoll. A clear sky filled with bright, twinkling stars. What better time and place to make a wish? Better yet, what if a rare shooting star crossed the sky? Such is the situation in a magical new television campaign for the DC Lottery. It's a romantic, engaging story that reinforces the notion that sometimes, wishes really do come true.


MDB and DC Lottery Dominate Union Station

[MDB Communications]

MDB Communications designed the signage for a DC Lottery Union Station domination to support the launch of the DC Lottery's new flagship store. Take a look at the video to see how the resulting signage lives up to the domination strategy.

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