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MDB Campaign suggests “Wishes really do come true”

[MDB Communications]

A summer night. A grassy knoll. A clear sky filled with bright, twinkling stars. What better time and place to make a wish? Better yet, what if a rare shooting star crossed the sky? Such is the situation in a magical new television campaign for the DC Lottery. It's a romantic, engaging story that reinforces the notion that sometimes, wishes really do come true.


MDB and DC Lottery Dominate Union Station

[MDB Communications]

MDB Communications designed the signage for a DC Lottery Union Station domination to support the launch of the DC Lottery's new flagship store. Take a look at the video to see how the resulting signage lives up to the domination strategy.


Destination DC's Spring Campaign

[MDB Communications]

Who needs springtime in Paris? That's the question MDB and Destination DC asked prospective springtime visitors to the nation's capital. We posed this question in national travel print and online media, as well as regional publications from New York to Atlanta, to remind people that you don't need to travel far to experience the beauty and wonder of one of the world's greatest cities.


Marketing Lessons from Justin Timberlake

BY: Landon Seely [Account Services]

Justin Timberlake hasn’t put out music for seven years, which means he also wasn’t nominated for any Grammys this year.  However, with a new album on the way, he was granted a performance during this year’s broadcast. And although you won’t see any MJ-esque photos of Timberlake cradling his arsenal of trophies, the seasoned pop star made out as one of the biggest winners Sunday night – from a marketing standpoint that is.

By the Numbers

A recent infographic released by Whispr Group revealed that during the three and a half hour broadcast, J.T. gained 86K new Twitter followers (more than any other star), generated 31K mentions during his performance (86% were positive), and generated 21K tweets concerning his wardrobe (81% were positive).  “#JTGrammys” was also used 6.8K times on Twitter throughout the night.

What Justin Did

Many people who watched Sunday’s Grammys will agree that Timberlake certainly had one of the most entertaining performances of the night.  But for marketers, the real magic came in the form of commercials and tweets.  He and his team were tweeting behind the scene pictures, updating fans in real time, and giving them an inside look at the Grammys.  They included all the appropriate hashtags and even a first look at his upcoming album cover, “The 20/20 Experience.”  Shortly after the broadcast ended and while he was still top of mind, Timberlake announced his newest single from the record via Twitter.

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