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MDB CEO, Cary Hatch, Talks Superbowl Ads with WJLA, ABC 7


DC-Area Residents Get Hot and Bothered by Date Nights DC Ad Campaign

FOX 5 reports on Destination DC's "Get A Room" campaign for this year's Date Nights DC promotion. See what area residents had to say about our sexy new campaign designed to sell more hotel rooms to romantic types and those who need their romantic spark reignited.


DC's Bringing Sexy Back Says The Washington Post and The Huffington Post

There's more traction for Destination DC's "Get A Room" campaign for this year's Date Nights DC promotion in partnership with LivingSocial. MDB created this campaign to promote special packages for the month of February where people can see a show, go to a great restaurant and "Get A Room".


New ad campaign announces D.C's nightlife revival

By: Caitlin Dewey [The Washington Post]

D.C. may never be Las Vegas. But with the late-night charms of H Street, U Street and Logan Circle, the District could at least compete for visitors looking to have a good time.

That’s the idea behind a series of racy ads that Destination D.C. launched this week. The private, nonprofit tourism organization hopes the provocative month-long campaign, appropriately titled “Get a Room,” will spice up the District’s stodgy image and convince mid-Atlantic travelers that — oh, yeah — the city has developed quite a bit of nightlife in the past 10 more


Washington, DC Unveils 'Date Nights DC' Valentine's Day Travel Promotion

By: The Huffington Post

Tourism officials in Washington, D.C. have come to the shocking conclusion that sex sells.

A new promotion from the normally buttoned-up city pokes gentle fun at the District's reputation for pleated prudery while inviting visitors to experience a "Date Nights DC" over Valentine's Day.

Selling the idea are some slick visuals -- and an over the top video spot of a couple passionately kissing in the middle of a busy restaurant, to the surprise and apparent delight of other more



US News Gets Turned-On to Destination DC Campaign

US News and World Report wrote about Destination DC's Date Nights DC "Get A Room" campaign. MDB Communications developed this campaign as the Agency of Record for Destination DC to attract tourists and locals to have a romantic dinner, see a show and "Get A Room" in DC in the month of February.


D.C. Tourism Bureau Wants to Sex Up Washington

By: Elizabeth Flock [US News and World Report]

It's a provocative photo. One man embraces another atop a table in the middle of a white tablecloth restaurant. Heads turn. One woman looks shocked. The caption: "Get a room."

For years, the D.C. tourism bureau has emphasized the staple attractions of the city, most of them political, and some of them rather dry: the museums, the monuments, the history. For Valentine's Day in 2010, the bureau urged visitors to take part in a series of cutesy "date nights" similar to the First Couple's dating tradition.

But 2013, it seems, is the year Destination DC has decided to get a lot more more


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