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Take Heart. The “Silly Season” of Advertising is Almost Over 

By: Cary Hatch [MDB CEO]

As a hard-core advocate for the profession, I find myself in the pre-election countdown to reassuming my normal unabashed support for the advertising industry. While I hate (and am embarrassed by) the vitriolic ads that are airing as we march toward the November 6th election, there’s solace in knowing our “stock will go up” as we recover from the weekly, daily (okay, hourly) onslaught of “my opponent sleeps with a nightlight” political ads.

I find myself yearning for 2013 – not just because the absurdity of political advertising will be over – but because I know the country will once again fall in love with the industry I love. The Super Bowl is probably the one day a year that Americans focus on this advertising showcase of creativity, innovation and influence; quarter after quarter. They rate ads – tweet about them, and yes, “love them” again! For me, the Super Bowl means so much more than the game, and cheering with friends and family – but cheering for the industry.  It can’t come soon enough.